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The Little Frog Foundation website has been created to help you gain deeper understanding of Neurofibromatosis, and to offer help and information regarding tumours and cancers in children.

This is not a medical site - there are already plenty of those out there.

I am a real parent with children, just like you, experiencing the real life changing effects of cancer and Neurofibromatosis, and looking for real answers – just like you. On this site I have listed information regarding medical diagnosis, treatments, alternative treatments, and natural therapies. I believe they can all work together easily and effectively, and can help you progress positively through what some would call a negative situation.

Come across and 'Like' the Little Frog Foundation on Facebook where you can follow the latest medical research, keep updated on new natural therapies or post a question to me or one of the other families living with NF, Gliomas, Tumours and Cancer.

Each one of us on our Facebook Page has experiences, advice and thoughts that may be of help to others. Each one of us is there to share experiences. Each one of us sometimes just needs someone to talk to.

Who my family and I are, and the experiences we have been through regarding cancer, Neurofibromatosis and our healing journey can be found on the Our Story page.

It is my belief that if you have found yourself in this world of Neurofibromatosis and brain tumours, then you are a special person - someone to be admired - and it is from our combined strengths that we shall grow and conquer this condition.

With warm regards,
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